Name:  Dr. Alan Wong
Start Date:  11 December 1992
Childhood Ambition:  Forensic pathologist, Paramedic, Army Ranger, Owning my own business
Fondest Memory:  Graduating Dental School.
Indulgence:  Coffee, pastry, and Raw egg over rice.
The most selfish thing I’ve done:  BMW 6 series
Likes:  Chicken skin, turkey heart, sunsets, Work
Dislikes:  Confrontation, Shirts too tight, missing socks, paper cuts, and traffic.
Last Purchase:  Mango Smoothie. 
Favorite Song:  Good Old Days by Macklemore and Kesha
Favorite Movies:  Heaven Can Wait, Sin CIty, Terminator 2
Inspiration:  My Dad, my family, and friends.
My Life:  is complicated and it’s better than I ever imagined.
Favorite things to do:  Work, bowling, reading, bicycling hanging out with family, staff, and friends.  Basketball and chess, and writing my next toastmaster speech.

Name: Dr. Alexis Brown

Start Date:  February 2016

Childhood Ambition: To be a Mom

Fondest Memory:  Going to Disney World as a child with my grandparents.

Indulgence:  Coffee, brownies, and sour candy.

The most selfish thing I’ve done: Moving our two young children 1,000 miles away from grandparents and great grandparents to follow a personal dream to return to my native Colorado home.

Likes: Running, hiking, sleeping, laughing, eating, learning new things.

Dislikes:  Being late, conflict, negativity, and folding laundry.

Last Purchase: Diapers.

Favorite Movies:  I usually fall asleep during movies.

Inspiration:  My son and daughter.

My Life: is fun and exciting mixed with a little unpredictability.


Name:  Cynthia

Start Date:  January 1993

Childhood Ambition:  To be a secretary like my mommy.

Fondest Memory:  The first time I held my babies.

Indulgence:  A crackling fire, even on a red day.

The most selfish thing I’ve done:  Go bowling right after Pat has surgery two days later.

Likes:  A good laugh, spending time with good friends.

Dislikes:  Pessimistic, opinionated, demeaning people and getting smacked in the butt.

Last Purchase:  Gas

Favorite Song:  Unchained melody

Favorite Movie:  Gone With The Wind.

Inspiration:  My Aunt Dolores, she was a strong, brave, funny supportive person and my best friend.

My Life:  has been truly blessed by the grace of God.

Favorite things to do:  Read a good book, bowling, hot tub with a cold beer, play scrabble, dance, watch my kids play sports, and go to Bronco Games.


Name:  Lorraine
Start Date:  12 December 1992
Childhood Ambition:  To be an airline stewardess, psychologist.
Fondest Memory:  Giving birth to my son William
Indulgence:  Eating seafood, eating sweets
The most selfish thing I’ve done:  Spend money when I shouldn’t have.
Likes:  People, Living close to the beach, sunsets.
Dislikes:  People that are negative all the time, rude people and people that have no patience for elderly.
Last Purchase:  Play Station 2
Favorite Song:  Always and forever, Reasons
Favorite Movie:  Pretty Woman, Notebook
Inspiration:  To see people helping other people and people that go on missions to save the kids.  My Dad.
My Life:  I feel that I have been blessed with a wonderful family, good health, great friends.  Two wonderful dentists to work for.
Favorite things to do:  Take long walks on the beach, watch beautiful sunsets.  Spend good quality time with my family


Name: Stephanie

Start Date: January 2017

Childhood Ambition: to fly

Fondest Memory:  Traveling, Studying Abroad, College

Indulgence:  Donuts

Most Selfish thing I’ve Done:  fart without saying excuse me

Likes: great weather, coffee, music, books, working out

Dislikes: girl drama

Inspiration: books, music, friends, family

My Life: never has a dull moment


Name:  Deb Villalobos

Start Date:  May 2018

Biggest accomplishment: 

Favorite place to eat:

Favorite food:  

If you had to meet anyone in the world dead or alive, who would that person be? 


Who do you admire? 

Favorite Movie:  

What are you really good at? 

What is your biggest pet peeve? 

What is your biggest fear? 

What is your favorite color? 

Name:  Natalie

Start Date: 09 Feb 2016

Childhood Ambition:  Veterinarian, Spy, Writer

Fondest Memory:  Honeymoon in Bora Bora

The most selfish thing I’ve done: Ate the last piece of candy instead of leaving it for my husband.

Likes: Dogs, animals, hiking, travel, archery, stories, photography, video, bible prophecies, arts and crafts, conspiracy theories, my family, warm weather.

Dislikes: Drama, drivers unfamiliar with colorado’s unspoken rules.  People that treat animals and children poorly.

Las Purchase:  Gas probably

Favorite Movie: Pride and Prejudice the 6 hour BBC Version

Inspiration:  My mom and the bible.

My Life: is one big adventure.


Name:  April

Start Date:  October 2003

Childhood Ambition:  To Grow Up

Fondest Memory:  Working at a skating rink, making new friends, teaching others how to skate,
carrying on my grandfathers work

Indulgence:  Chocolate

The most selfish thing I’ve done:  Everything we do is selfish to some degree.  I don’t know right now.

Likes:  Vacation and chocolate.  Scuba diving

Dislikes:  jealousy and rudeness
Last Purchase:  Cruise.  Eastern Caribbean, 7 days away from the freezing cold.
Favorite Song:  Everything changes, by Staind

Favorite Movie:  Roger Rabbit

Inspiration:  Anyone that is improving their lives and lives of others

My Life:  I was born, grew up and now I’m here!

Favorite things to do:  Internet, cross stitch, crochet, vacations, organize my life, talk to people, make new friends, hide in my house and not come out for days to avoid the real world.

Name:  Misty

Start Date:  02 April 2015

Childhood Ambition:  Police Office, Nurse, US Army

Fondest Memory:  The birth of my boys

Indulgence:  Coffee, Red Vines, Popcorn

The most selfish thing I’ve done:  I feel that everything I do is selfish.

Likes:  Traveling, Mexican food.  Spending time with my boys and family.

Dislikes:  People that don’t know how to drive.  Rude and disrespectful people.

Last Purchase:  Food

Favorite Movie:  Pretty Women and Erin Brockovich
Inspiration:  My Mother and my family.

My Life: is very busy and at times complicated.  I am a mother of two boys and that keeps me on my toes.  My husband and I work hard everyday to provide for our family.  We try to make the best out of life and live each day to it’s fullest.  God has blessed us.

Name:  Natalia

Start Date:  July 2007

Childhood Ambition:  As a child, I always wanted to be a child psychologist but after great experiences at the dentist, I wanted to end up in the dental field.

Fondest Memory:  Catching fireflies while visiting my cousins in Quebec, Canada.

Indulgence:  Being with family and friends

The most selfish thing I’ve done:  went shopping for a birthday present and ended up buying for myself.

Likes:  Ice cream, clothes, expensive handbags, music, hanging and being around my family.

Dislikes:  Rude people or anyone who takes kindness for weakness

Last Purchase:  A juicy contour handbag

Favorite Movies:  Sixteen candles, Big, The Notebook, A Bronx Tale.

Inspiration:  My Mom and Grandma have been a huge inspiration to me, and they have taught me that anything is possible in life.

My Life:  is busy at times but I  pretty much like it that way.



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